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A Dragon, an entrepreneur, and a solution to mitigate COVID-19
Supply+Protect is a one-stop shopping platform for Canadian PPE manufacturers, to help businesses across the nation return to work safely 


KITCHENER, 10/20/2020 ​- ​Finding trusted, cost-effective personal protective equipment (PPE) continues to be an issue for businesses of all sizes across the country. ​Supply+Protect ​― an online marketplace with a focus on Canadian​  manufactured PPE ​― today announces its launch. Supply+Protect is an accredited source for all businesses to get everything they need to re-open safely and mitigate the spread of COVID-19. 

“I am incredibly excited about this company​,​” says David Chilton, ​The Wealthy Barber​ and former Dragon on CBC’s ​Dragons’ Den​. “There is an obvious need for a convenient and cost-effective platform to purchase vetted personal protective equipment and an even greater need for a trustworthy source in this all-important area. And that is exactly what Supply+Protect offers​.​” is a one-stop-shop allowing businesses to buy what they need​  from pre-vetted vendors, all while supporting the Canadian economy. With the platform representing dozens of Canadian brands, PPE buyers and vendors can now purchase quality products that they can trust. ​Supply+Protect filters out counterfeit and substandard products by requiring insurance, licenses to sell, and product certifications for every item sold on the platform.​ Manufacturers and distributors, such as Hunter Amenities and Canadian Shield, are a few of the many trusted sources now accessible, with more being added to the platform each week. 

“Supply+Protect ​will give our vendors access to more customers and more reach through cross-product marketing and education,​” ​says Amber French, a Waterloo Region tech and social entrepreneur and CEO of Supply+Protect. ​“​Our heavy emphasis on Canadian manufacturers helps ensure that our national supply chain remains sustainable​.​

Businesses no longer have to navigate between multiple websites to find what they need, ​saving time and money. ​Pricing efficiencies are created by a buyer’s ability to compare numerous vendors simultaneously. Supply+Protect also offers preferred pricing for larger volume order customers and customizable products for all businesses, including branded cloth masks and sanitizer bottles. 

To learn more about the multiple offerings provided by Supply+Protect, visit its website: ​


About Supply+Protect

Supply+Protect is a Canadian online marketplace for manufacturers and distributors of traditional PPE. In addition to supplying masks, gloves, gowns, hand sanitizer, and sanitizing wipes, the platform also offers business solutions such as barriers, floor decals, air purification systems, and rapid COVID testing. Supply+Protect connects with small and medium-sized businesses to ensure they get the support they need as we work to rebuild the economy amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

Website: ​

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