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Dave Chilton

Over the years, I’ve invested in dozens of private companies. I was introduced to some of them in my Dragons’ Den years and exposed to the rest when founders sought me out with strong pitches.

My investment in S&P came about in a much, much different way.

I actually pitched Amber.

I sought her out and pleaded to be involved.

What’s even crazier is that I did absolutely no due diligence. (People who know me will faint at that sentence.)

What would make me act in such an out-of-character manner? Why did this company get me so excited?

Quite simply, it’s because it fills a huge need. A need that business friends of mine speak of often. A need for a convenient, cost-effective platform to purchase vetted Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). A need for a trustworthy source in this all-important area.

It might sound trite, but in the B2B space, companies win when they help other companies win. And, in turn, those companies win when they help their employees and customers win. And we all win when safety wins.

Thank you for using our services.

David Chilton

AKA The Wealthy Barber

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