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Eclipse ARC N95 Equivalent Respirator (Box of 25) CSA CERTIFIED

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Per Box of 25 units

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Best Before Dates - January 2024 or later

Level 3 Protection | Certification Health Canada Ref # 320544

CSA Certified

Eclipse Innovations was the first manufacturer in Ontario to receive Class 7204 02* CSA Respirator Certification

This CSA certification is based on:

A)  NIOSH 42 CFR 84 standard

B)  ASTM F1862 standard

C) Health Canada Interim Order Guidance. 

*Please refer to the sizing chart to carefully select the appropriate respirator size.

There are no returns or exchanges 

Please refer to the sizing chart to carefully select the appropriate respirator size. There are no returns or exchanges on PPE*

New CSA Certified Respirator Features 

  • CSA Certified
  • Enhanced welds for head straps 
  • Higher and more rigorous testing for CSA compliance 
  • Regular ongoing testing on a quarterly basis 
  • Audited by CSA 8 times every 2 years

More information:


ARC Surgical Grade Respirators are the first Ontario-made respirators to be granted an Interim Order from Health Canada permitting the sale and export of this product. NIOSH N95 status is also currently in process.  These Respirators are made with 100% biocompatible materials to minimize irritation over long shifts. The snug-fitting mask body has an all-aluminum nose bridge and durable, flexible head straps for superior comfort and protection. ARC Respirators meet Level 3 fluid resistance and >99% particulate and bacterial filtration requirements under ASTM F2100 standards and are Health Canada fit requirement compliant and marked per NIOSH and ISO 13485 guidelines. Proudly made in Ontario.

With its superior seal and moisture repellent exterior the ARC provides surgical grade protection when you need it. We have applied our innovative technology and best practices in mask design and manufacturing to create the ultimate in personal protective equipment (PPE) for peace of mind in either healthcare settings or daily life.

Healthcare Applications, Infection Control Practices, Protection for Airborne Pathogens

• Dye free
• Latex free
• Fluid resistant
• Double layer filter
• Comfortable headbands
• Provides protection from small particle aerosols
• Improved face seal prevents leakage around mask

Product Type: Respirator
Model: ARC Certification
Health Canada Ref # 320544
Style: Vertical Fold Donning Style
Headbands Colour: White
Size: Regular / Large
Strap: Polyester / Spandex
Fabric Construction: Polypropylene non-woven
Nose Bridge: Aluminum
Nose Foam: PVC
Packaging: Individually Wrapped

Eclipse Innovations - With their design and manufacturing experience within the medical automation industry, the experts at Eclipse Innovations knew it was their obligation to step up and find ways to make a domestic supply chain of N95 respirators and procedure masks a reality in Canada. They also remain committed to their work on other products and automation systems for medical devices which directly support the fight against COVID-19.


Eclipse Innovations was the first manufacturer in Ontario to receive the Class 7204 02* CSA Respirator Certification in 2021.

This CSA certification is based on (1) the NIOSH 42 CFR 84 standard, (2) the ASTM F1862 standard and (3) the Health Canada Interim Order Guidance.


Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
David Miller
Excellent masks, BUT too many defectives

These are my preferred masks for the last 3 years, but the last batch I bought have have two serious defects: pinholes in the strap weld patch, and defective straps. A lot of the 1st problem, the strap defects are rare. These are comfortable, fit well, and presumably meet certification standards when they don't have pinholes. How about some quality control?


We have used these for a long time but our regular supplier stopped carrying them. So glad to find them. What was amazing was the speed of the delivery I wasn’t expecting them so quick, and they arrived within a day Excellent service!

Paige Pooley
Tiny holes where mask loops attach

I order these and wear these constantly. I’m going to actually get contacting customer service because there are constantly more and more tiny holes where the straps attach - like the glue they use is too hot to stick them together. It’s so disappointing and so frustrating when you are spending lots of money on masks to stay safe and healthy in a high risk job.

Ann W. Becker
Excellent product

Hands down the best mask I have used. I am devastated to learn that they will no longer be made. Might this decision be reconsidered?

Great masks and great service!

Thank you!