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Our Mission

Supply+Protect is an online marketplace where Canadian manufacturers and distributors of PPE/COVID-19 business solutions connect with Canadian businesses as they plan to re-open. We place a heavy emphasis on supporting Canadian manufacturing whenever possible.


    Buyers Benefit From:

    Quality Products

    We require all necessary product certifications and licenses, cutting out the vast amount of counterfeit and substandard product on the market. 

    Efficient Pricing

    No price gouging allowed! The ability to explore multiple vendors creates further price benefits. 

    "One-Stop Shop"

    For what is otherwise a VERY fragmented marketplace - Get everything you need to re-open your business safely, from one site. Put whatever products you need from multiple vendors into your cart, pay once, and orders are immediately relayed to vendors for fulfilment. 

    Concierge Service

    For large organizations or companies requiring customized solutions - This includes branded cloth masks, hand sanitizer, signage, decals, and more. 

    Canadian Manufacturing

    Buying from within the national economy and Canadian vendors ensures sustainability and is more economically and environmentally friendly than buying from outside the country.


    We are working with several partners to create great content about how various businesses are approaching re-opening, sharing policies and strategies that you can apply to your own business. 

    Vendors Benefit From:

    Focus on Canadian Manufacturing

    Supporting vendors with Canadian-made solutions helps the marketplace remain sustainable and economical. 

    Efficient Marketing

    For many newer Canadian PPE manufacturers, this is an entirely new line of business. They don't have efficient marketing channels set up yet, so existing sales tend to be very regional. 


    No Competition with Existing Products

    The S+P model is not set up to complete with existing sales channels, but to act as an adjunct to create greater reach for businesses. 

    Cross-product Marketing and Education

    Supply+Protect gives businesses an efficient way to increase the reach and awareness surrounding their products and services.