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Quality Standards


Supply+Protect continues to be shocked at the amount of counterfeit certification and substandard product flooding the market. There is zero transparency when dealing with far too many manufacturers and distributors. Some even go to the extent of forging certifications and misrepresenting the quality of their products. This is not just dishonest; this is dangerous.

Supply+Protect benefits from ongoing relationships with a number of trusted Canadian manufacturers and distributors with indisputable, proven track records. To be allowed on the S+P platform, ALL vendors must provide evidence of necessary certifications and licensing. 

For example, Supply+Protect vendors must provide:

  • Copy of the Medical Device Establishment License (MDEL), when applicable
  • Natural Product Number (NPN) for alcohol-based items, such as hand sanitizer
  • Copies of certifications and testing results for products, when applicable
  • Evidence of insurance
  • References or a demonstrated track record

All of these checks help to ensure that the products available on Supply+Protect meet the highest quality standards.