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Prevention Strategies Using AI

by Eaigle

EAIGLE is a hardware-agnostic platform that adds various layers of machine learning to enhance accuracy. The system uses AI to autonomously monitor numerous cameras at once and seamlessly capture, count, and monitor people and their body temperatures in real–time within the camera zone. At the same time, it checks every individual for mask and social distancing compliance.

Their platform features include:

-Continuous, real-time, full body temperature detection & monitoring   

-End-to-end space monitoring for a multitude of customized metrics

-Real-time people counting using a Crowd Monitoring System to manage physical distancing

-A Crowd Safety Management Platform for mask detection

EAIGLE drastically improves associated costs in managing and maintaining physical space, minimizes time-wasted with human capital monitoring, and helps to save energy. Their expertise with their solution lies in commerical real estate, distritbution centres, recreation facilites, retail, manufacturing, and green farms.