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DC Access – COVID-19 Screening

DC Access includes an electronic self-assessment for COVID-19 screening, specifically designed for the workplace.

-Streamline the screening process and prevent potential exposure

-Automated generation of unique link per participant sent via email or SMS to complete the assessment

-Schedule daily time of reminders at your discretion

-Assessment can be completed on a mobile device or personal computer (no download required)

-Contactless solution for employees, contractors and guests

-Automated notification to designated contact if someone screens as ‘positive’ through assessment

-Customizable follow up process. Options could include: directing employees to report their absence to an existing hotline, connecting them to a medical professional virtually or instructing them to call their leader

-Return to Work program/progress and employee follow up tracking

-Comprehensive reporting and real-time compliance tracking available to employers Regularly updated with all current provincial and federal guidelines