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Open Source Contact Monitoring

Mappedin is creating safer indoor spaces for staff and visitors during COVID-19 with an open source Contact Monitoring solution.

Mappedin's open source application consists of three components:

1) Native Mobile SDKs: The iOS and Android SDKs can be integrated into existing applications, such as a workplace experience apps, and allow devices to get accurate indoor location data while an employee is on site.

2) Ingestion API: The Ingestion API is responsible for collecting the location data, processing it at high volumes to determine contact, and storing it optimally for query by the dashboard.

3) Dashboard: The pre-built dashboard queries the processed data and provides summaries and visualizations, such as live occupancy information of the venue on a map.

These three parts bring together an end-to-end solution for contact monitoring, including infrastructure-free indoor positioning through our collaboration with Apple.

Mappedin is inviting any indoor space, as well as other service providers, to download and use this open source solution to build safer indoor spaces.

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